Best Monitors For Photo Editing

best monitor for photo editingSince the advancement of technology, software use has grown by 30% worldwide and is used in almost all aspects of daily life.

Many of us use the best software or photo editing applications to read, write, optimize and even manipulate images.

For example, photo retouching has become huge over the last few years for a few reasons with the most obvious being website design.

This is something that all businesses are now getting done to show potential consumers some of the leading products that they offer.

Another reason is that with more high tech cameras comes the ability for people to take more sharper images and use these pictures later on to create extraordinary photo pieces.

The good thing is that with software we really have no limitations but the one thing that can distort the look of an image and its sharpness, is the kind of equipment you are using to display these images.

For example, you can have the best image shot and software to create a portrait, but if our computer monitors are garbage then the quality of the image goes down significantly.

However, computer manufacturers have made it a point to create photo editing monitors that are used specifically for those looking to work with image editing software.

Here we will answer the question as to what are some of the best monitors for photo editing and what to look for when shopping for a few…

Look For The Best In High Resolution

The first thing to remember when choosing monitors is that for photo retouching purposes it’s important to have one that is high resolution. The reason is very simple because these typically have a pixel range in the higher numbers which means that the quality is excellent.

If you’re trying to retouch photos that look professional, then the only way to really know or even see how sharp these pictures are will be to have a high resolution monitor that can display the colors within the photograph to the full extent. Once you’ve achieved this, you can edit the picture keeping the resolution of the image as top priority.

There are many online resources that have listed the top photo editing monitors providing a full review of the product. The list names the following monitors as the best high resolution monitors all with the requirements that meet those of photo retouching professionals.

The Apple Thunderbolt

Apple Thunderbolt monitor

The Apple Thunderbolt display which is in the price range of $999-1100, but you will need an Apple computer in order to work this monitor. The size is around 27 inches and delivers great resolution, bright colors, and a docking station for you to drop your Apple laptop into. It has a glossy screen and has a slow response time which lets you play a slide show made out of your images flawlessly. This monitor delivers bright accurate colors that are sharp displaying even the slightest inch of details.

Asus Pro Art Monitor

Asus Pro monitor

The Asus Pro art monitor has been engineered and structured for the most professional designers and photographers. This wide gamut display delivers rich, well saturated colors and wide viewing angles, and offers just about every connection option you’ll ever need. Its gray scale performance is good but not the best, however, and it doesn’t have an auto-rotate feature.

Other Quality Options

There are two more models which are well known among the best professionals starting with the NEC PA301W which comes in a 30 inch model and delivers some of the best detailed colors and images with perfect greyscale performance. Some of the high end features include 14-bit LUT table and KVM switch which lets you switch from one monitor to another without taking your eye off the job. Huge features which can be adjusted however with a steep price of around $3,000.

Eizo ColorEdgeThe EIZO ColorEdge which has a price that averages around $2,300 and is around 22 inches in size.

The main focus of the manufacturer is not for regular consumers but professionals such as photographers, graphics artists, and designers who demand consistent and accurate performance, and are willing to pay a premium for it.

No matter which monitor you choose for editing your photos, having the best monitor will go along way to improving your image editing and helping you create digital works of art for your clients or your own portfolio!

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  1. Sherry d. says:

    These are very expensive.. Any suggestions on less expensive monitors?? Thanks

    • Shawn Vinton says:

      Sherry you could definitely just use your current monitor if money is an issue. I used my iMac 27″ monitor for years before upgrading!

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