Natural Photos Versus Image Editing: Which Is Right For You?

Natural Photos Versus Retouching: Which Do You Prefer?

natural photos versus image editingModern software and photo editing tools have posed a new question in photography. Each individual has a specific preference when it comes to this particular topic.

Do you prefer natural images or images that have been retouched and edited? There is an element of genuineness in the former, but a closer depiction of perfection in the latter.

Those in favor of ‘natural’ images might argue, natural images are perfection as they are nearest to reality.

This piece will focus on this ultramodern question of natural vs. retouching in the field of professional photography and what is right for you.

Natural Photos

These are looked upon as images that can be taken by ‘anyone’. A sense of photography being whittled down to something that is essentially amateur. This might not be the case for a professional photographer who understands the art of photography and might produce higher quality ‘natural’ photos.

Natural photos have an aura of creativity that can perhaps be unmatched. It is a chance to focus on only what is available to the photographer in the moment. The photographer has to work with the elements in terms of light and effects in order to get the greatest ‘natural’ image.

Some clients will love this ‘natural’ effect because it presents a certain image. It enables the individual to feel unbound from certain perfections they may wish to see.

Natural photos are often a decision made by clients using images for personal use. These are images that might not be used to persuade customers into buying products. Businesses would never aim to have natural photos unless it was a specifically designed campaign.

Retouched Photos

This is where the capability of the photographer can often come to the forefront. While, it is important for the professional photographer to get the best ‘natural’ image, they can do a lot of handiwork with modern photo retouching software.

A wizard with the software can make the slightest of imperfections disappear with a click or two. This is what can separate great images from those that are impeccably flawless.

Retouched photos are greatest for those looking to remove imperfections that might be concerning them. Those looking to find the best image will always look for some form of professional editing.

Clients that are willing to pay money expect a professional quality of work from their photographer. This can only occur through the form of ultramodern software that is constantly being updated and retooled.

Businesses that present projects to photographers will always look towards retouched photos. They have a certain image in their mind to represent their product/service and nothing less suffices.

In this case, it is pertinent to have retouched images in order to meet the needs and requirements of the business and its project.

Concluding Thoughts

Natural versus retouched is a debate that will linger on for a while. Clients will always meet with a professional photographer in order to discuss these concerns.

Those looking for a particular shot might prefer a natural look, while those looking for perfection shoot for the retouched images.

Retouching does not have to be drastic as some might feel; it can often be a slight touch here and there. Naturalness can remain even after an image has been edited.

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