The Top Photo Editing Applications

photo editing applicationsThe Boom of the Social Photographer

Taking photographs of your day to day activities is something that has become so much more popular over the last couple of years. Why?

The answer is very simple!

It is because we have been introduced to advanced smart phones that come equipped with the latest technology which can provide us with a camera able to shoot high quality photos.

Sometimes these photos end up on our computer while other put them on social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram, because it is an easy way for all of us to communicate with each other and share special photos.

The social networking scene not only allows us to promote our photos, but gives us a chance to show everyone how we can manipulate an image and this is exactly what many people are looking to do when creating websites for personal or business use.

Adding effects is awesome, but it would not be possible without photo editing applications which provide the tools for us to construct amazing photos. However, not every application can do the job but only the right ones so here are the top 3 photo editing applications in order.

Now since these applications can belong to different phones all having their own pick of applications the list contains the top Apple, Android and Windows applications for smartphones.

Top Photo Editing App for Android

Starting with the Android or Google application PicSay Pro which has been considered one of the most powerful photo editor and has all the touch up effects that you’re looking for and has been modeled after the Photoshop Suite.

It allows you to sharpen photos while cropping them, adding exposure, straightening finally framing it with a selection of frames that’s provided within the application. The most popular feature of the application is the large selection of stickers and bubbles which allows you to add a bit of humor to your pictures.

If that’s not good enough than use the shape tool to change the image shape giving it sharper curves or even turning the picture into a full circle.

The Top Image Editing App for the iOS

Secondly, Photo Style Pro has been long considered the most popular photo editing application for Apple products. Apple has always been known for their creativity so when this application was introduced they made sure that nothing was missed out.

This application allows you to resize your image while cropping, shaping and even warping the image into different extensions. You add color, remove color and adjust hue while playing to find the right contrast for the photo.

The main feature that is amazing about Photo Style Pro is the ability for the application to export images seamlessly into Facebook, Instagram or other social networking websites. This makes the whole transition from taking a photo to uploading happen in a matter of seconds.

The Top Photo Editing Application for Windows

Finally, Windows has a few great applications but the problem with developing a photo editing application really depends on the power of the operating system.

Windows and mobile phones have not been a great fit for each other and we can see that in some of the applications they produce. However, photo editing is possible with Photoshop which is an amazing application. They were the pioneer of image editing and have evolved over the last few years.

Everything that is discussed above is part of their application and they have even added more products so that you can branch out in your creations. For example, their whole suite known as Adobe Creative Suite allows you to create books, brochures, flyers, photos, business cards while easily adding photos.

Choose The Easiest App For You

Now the thing about photo editing applications is that you need to choose one which has an easy to use interface. This is probably the one single thing that would differentiate many of them because some are not that easy to use.

The choice in the end comes down to the person who is looking to edit their person and price because some are more expensive than others.

We continue to add great content regarding professional photo editing, so please check back for more great image editing tips!

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